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About us

Empowering Futures Through Innovative Solutions

At Bulwark Software Research, our mission is to innovate, empower, and navigate change resiliently. We redefine possibilities through transformative consulting, data analytics, and quality engineering. By delivering cutting-edge solutions like Ctrack, our cylinder tracking software, we ensure efficiency, transparency, and excellence in gas management. Committed to building a better, faster future, we empower businesses with insights, resilience, and strategic empowerment. Clients attest to the impact of our comprehensive approach in navigating dynamic landscapes and fostering sustained growth with transformative solutions.

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Innovate, empower, and navigate change resiliently—transformative solutions forging a future of excellence and growth together.


Building a faster, transformative tomorrow through resilient innovation, impacting global landscapes with strategic empowerment and excellence.


Ctrack, our cutting-edge cylinder tracking software (CTrack), redefines efficiency and transparency in gas management. Providing dynamic production charts, detailed cylinder reports, and seamless tank module precision, Ctrack integrates flawlessly with user management systems. Its capabilities extend to streamlined order and delivery workflows, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. With robust stock management optimization, Ctrack ensures real-time visibility and efficient resource utilization for sustained growth. Clients attest to the transformative impact of navigating change with resilience. Ctrack embodies our commitment to innovation, empowering businesses to build a better, faster future.

Our History

BULWARK SOFTWARE RESEARCH PVT LTD, is an IT consulting and service provider based in Ranchi (Jharkhand). We started our journey in early 2015 and for the last eight years. Our services are remarkable for the business industries by using cutting-edge technologies for the web application, mobile app development, ERP development and digital marketing. We are leader in providing software product to the Gas Manufacturing Industries. Our Flagship product C-Track, is well known in the Gaseous Industries global market. The global business is changing rapidly with transformative technologies, dynamic changes in economies, and a shifting global landscape. These changes make it challenging for our people, clients, partners, and communities to navigate the evolving landscape.

 At Bulwark, we constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible by leveraging our expertise, experience, and innovative ecosystem to empower enterprises, people, and communities to build a better Future, Faster. We want to use technology to build intimacy, warmth, and empathy through the experiences we create. Our purpose is to unleash new possibilities and impact every human we touch. Our vision lets us be as ambitious as we want to be. It allows us to think beyond what we did until yesterday. Today, we have become the catalyst that takes all our stakeholders to the future, faster. Together.


Transformative Prowess

Dedicated to client-centric excellence, we forge innovative solutions, ensuring resilience amid dynamic change. Our commitment empowers enterprises with transformative strategies, fostering mutual growth and success in evolving business landscapes.

Innovative Excellence

Pioneering solutions, we foster innovation, ensuring excellence in transforming landscapes with resilient strategies, forging a better future.

Client-Centric Approach

Dedicated partnerships, our client-centric ethos drives success,transformative solutions to meet unique needs, ensuring mutual growth.

Dynamic Resilience

Navigating change dynamically, we embody resilience enterprises with strategic insights and transformative solutions to thrive in business landscapes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop more innovative and industry-oriented applications for the digital world. BULWARK SOFTWARE RESEARCH PVT LTD is giant leader in Gaseous Manufacture Industry software product called C-Track. Our services represent the new technology world, and that’s why innovative ideas and solutions are the first mission and priority of our company.
Mission 2030, will cover 90 percent market of gaseous industry through our flagship product CTrack.

Our Vision

The vision of BULWARK SOFTWARE RESEARCH PVT LTD is developing an outstanding range of applications for the clients to set up new standards and benchmarks in the industry. We are living in the modern world, where possibilities are high-end and countless. Thus, you constrain yourself in particular limits and thoughts. Ideas and innovation both work together, which is the outcome of an organization’s vision of developing cutting-edge applications.
We also focus on the authenticity to complete a project because our principles mainly concentrate on top-notch standard applications.